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This project conveys an imaginary human journey to the stars. We look at the stars and dream; and our dreams motivate us to brave our inventions and the perilous passage, allowing us to know the world better. As humans, we will experience the knowledge of this universe through our emotions and relative to our spiritual beliefs, superstitions, and symbols we hold dear—all of which will become part of our interaction with the cosmos.

 The program highlights two commissioned pieces that were specifically composed for this project, expressing the sound of the universe. Additional pieces for this program include other composed pieces that are inspired by our planets and constellations; as well as pieces that describe our ambitions as humans to break through in our understanding of the universe and pieces that reveal humanity as eternally emotional. The aim of the program is to have a conversation with the universe by presenting the totality of these musical pieces with an accompanying real-time reactive visual performance.

 There are many levels of understanding “…Our passage to the stars”. One can choose to only listen to the music and imagine a conversation; or, one can listen to the music and see the accompanying visual reality created in real-time in reaction to the music and have a larger conversation. There are as many possible “conversations” to be had during the musical and visual performances, as there are people in the audience. My goal for the event is for the audience to experience an emotional journey in which all the pieces are linked, and for them to be emboldened to understand a greater and complex emotional message about our existence.

Works by living composers:

Esa-Pekka Salonen,

William Bolcom,

Peter Askim,

Rodney Waschka,

George Crumb,

Judith Zaimont and

Frederik Rzewski.

 A multimedia recital with AI responsive projections

Preludes… a Journey of Beginnings

Preludes…a Journey of Beginnings is an exploration of art and music of the 19th and 20th centuries. Pianist Olga Kleiankina treats the listeners as companions in a journey and offers them an emotional story that combines music and paintings. The compositions (both musical and visual) are not offered chronologically and rather explore how they are relevant to each other in the emotional context. Composers and artists, separated by time and space, meet on stage to “talk” about the eternal themes that represent us as humans.

Preludes by:




Debussy and


A multimedia recital